• USB GPS Antenna

    GPS160 USB

    R3,650.00 ex VAT

    “The GPS160USB variant ships with a 16 ft USB cable. It’s self powered from the USB source (PC, MAC or Linux).”

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  • WIFI GPS Antenna

    GPS160 Wireless

    R4,650.00 ex VAT

    “The GPS160 wireless GPS antenna version is supplied with Digital Yacht NMEA to WiFi gateway for wireless navigation with tablets and iPads.”

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    R2,250.00 ex VAT

    “Combination AIS/VHF and GPS antenna for Class B transponders which makes for a super quick and high performance installation.”

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  • VHF Heliflex Antenna tuned to AIS frequencies

    HA156 – VHF Heliflex Antenna

    R1,550.00 ex VAT

    “HA156 is a 6inch VHF heliflex antenna, this is specifically tuned to AIS (162MHz) frequencies for optimal performance.”

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  • HSC100 is a fluxgate compass


    R5,200.00 ex VAT

    “Fluxgate compass with auto calibration and fast heading output for MARPA or course up radar stabilisation.”

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  • iAIS application

    ex VAT

    “iAIS is a simple AIS target plotter designed for use with Digital Yachts AIS with WiFi or any of our other Wireless NMEA products if they are connected to an AIS system.”

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  • iAISTX is a AIS transponder


    R9,100.00 ex VAT

    “iAISTX is an AIS transponder with Wi-Fi interface designed specifically for the growing number of boaters who use a tablet for their navigation tasks.”

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  • iAISTX Plus

    R11,200.00 ex VAT

    “iAISTX Plus is an AIS transponder with Wi-Fi interface for tablet & PC navigation and also has a NMEA 2000 interface (with integral drop cable) to integrate with modern plotters, instruments and multi-function displays to provide AIS functionality.”

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  • iKommunicate – Universal NMEA Gateway

    R4,200.00 ex VAT

    “The Kickstarter funded success story that is enabling the Internet of Things Afloat.”

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  • iKonvert is an NMEA0183 to NMEA2000 converter

    iKonvert – NMEA2000 to NMEA0183 Converter (ISO)

    R2,700.00 ex VAT

    “One NMEA2000 to NMEA0183 Gateway/Converter for all your data needs”

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  • NMEA2000 to USB converter

    iKonvert NMEA 2000 – USB Converter

    R2,700.00 ex VAT

    “One NMEA2000 Gateway/Converter for all your data needs”

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  • iSeaSense Pack

    From: R14,000.00 ex VAT

    “iSeaSense pack includes depth, speed, wind & temperature sensors. iSeaSense can transmit wirelessly all instruments data to navigation apps & software.”

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  • "The JB1 is a simple way to interconnect NMEA 0183 products and ideal for DIY installation."

    JB1 Power/NMEA 0183 Junction Box

    R750.00 ex VAT

    “The JB1 is a simple way to interconnect NMEA 0183 products and ideal for DIY installation.”

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  • NMEA to Ethernet interface

    LANLink – NMEA to Ethernet

    From: R2,800.00 ex VAT

    “LANLink is a NMEA to ethernet gateway which enables the boat’s NMEA data to integrate onto a router network – allowing connected devices and apps to take advantage of the data.”

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  • GPS antenna for AIS transponder


    R1,750.00 ex VAT

    “A GPS antenna for any AIS transponder”

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