Can I view my NMEA 2000 navigation data remotely?

4G Xtream has a built in NMEA 2000 interface which allows NMEA 2000 data to be utilised by apps on mobile devices connected to the system.  GPS, AIS and instrument data are streamed from the boat’s system across the Wi-Fi network.  The simplest method of viewing this data remotely would be to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which effectively builds a data “tunnel” from one network (say on the shore) to another (eg: on the boat).

4G Xtream supports VPNs and this technology is well proven but requires specialist 3 rd party IP network knowledge to implement.  4G Xtream also supports MQTT for IOT applications and ZeroTier for remote access and we expect to see 3rd party marine applications develop for these platforms.  4G Xtream also supports text message polling of GPS data and alerts through its internal GPS function.