A NMEA Wi-Fi server allows your tablet, smartphone or PC to receive navigation data from your onboard navigation equipment. Whether your navigation system has an NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000 interface, a NMEA Wi-Fi server will be able to connect to your navigation system equipment such as an AIS transponder, chart plotter, etc.

By connecting an NMEA to WiFi server, your navigation software or iOS/Android app will be connected to your navigation system (chart plotter, instruments, autopilot, AIS, etc.). Then, your software or navigation app will display in real time AIS targets, GPS, Wind and all navigation information. Our NMEA to Wi-Fi servers are compatible with more than 100s apps & navigation software.

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“NavLink 2 is an easy to fit NMEA2000 to WiFi server designed to make NMEA2000 navigation data available for apps on smartphones, tablets, iPads and PCs.”

WLN10 Smart


“This smart NMEA to WiFi gateway allows tablets & mobile devices to connect to existing on board GPS, AIS and instrument systems.”

WLN30 – Smart Wireless NMEA Multiplexer


“The WLN30 is a smart NMEA to WiFi Multiplexer designed to connect your smart phone and other wireless devices to your boat’s navigation systems. It features three NMEA0183 inputs and easy web interface configuration.”