How to configure the AIS transponder?

The AIS transponder can be configured with the free PC/Mac software called ProAIS2. The ProAIS2 software can be downloaded free of charge directly from our website. The functionality of the proAIS2 software is the same on Windows or Mac.

Installation of the proAIS2 software, also installs the USB drivers and we recommend not plugging the transponders USB cable in to the PC/Mac until after you have installed proAIS2. Once the installation is complete, plug the USB cable in to the computer to complete the USB driver installation. The transponder receives enough power from the USB connection to power the processor and ancillory circuitry required to configure the transponder, however the GPS will not get a fix, the NMEA interfaces will not be working and the transponder will not transmit while on USB power.

Digital Yacht are not the only company that supply proAIS2 with transponders, but to our knowledge, we are the only company to produce a video showing how to configure and diagnose Class B transponders with it. So we hope that not only Digital Yacht users but owners of other brands will benefit from this video.

Please note that the MMSI number cannot be changed once the product has been configured. To change the MMSI number, you must reset the product and for that, please contact us.

To find out how to use the proAIS2 software to configure an AIS transponder, please watch the video below: