AIS Systems

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    R3,500.00 ex VAT

    “AIS MOB Alarm — Connects to any of our AIS devices and detects a SART target — ideal for use as a MOB system with personal SARTs.”

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  • AIS100 is an AIS receiver with NMEA 0183

    AIS100 RECEIVER (NMEA 0183)

    R3,250.00 ex VAT

    “Connects to any NMEA AIS compatible chart plotter and adds an AIS overlay. Simple to install, highly sensitive dual channel design that’s easy to install with Garmin, Raymarine, Standard, Lowrance, Simrad, Furuno etc plotters.”

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  • AIS100 USB is an AIS receiver with USB connection


    R3,250.00 ex VAT

    “Perfect AIS receiver for PC based navigation systems with USB drivers for PC, MAC and linux.”

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  • AIS receiver with VHF antenna - Perfect for PC based navigation systems with USB drivers for PC, MAC and linux.

    AIS100 receiver (USB) with QMax portable VHF antenna

    R4,200.00 ex VAT

    “Perfect for PC based navigation systems with USB drivers for PC, MAC and linux. Pack also includes a portable VHF antenna”

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  • AIS receiver

    AIS100PRO (NMEA & USB)

    R3,500.00 ex VAT

    “Combination NMEA and USB connections for PC and plotter based systems. Also features NMEA input and inbuilt multiplexer.”

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  • Network enabled AIS receiver for base station operation


    R8,400.00 ex VAT

    “Network enabled AIS receiver for base station operation. Simple RJ45 network interface and USB too. Perfect for use with Marine Traffic or AIS Live.”

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  • AISNet AIS Base Station

    AISNet with built in VHF splitter

    R11,900.00 ex VAT

    “AIS receiver for base station operation with a built in VHF splitter.”

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  • Class B AIS Transponder

    AIT1500 Class B Transponder

    R8,400.00 ex VAT

    “Entry level AIS Transponder with industry standard NMEA 0183 interface and internal GPS antenna that makes installation aboard smaller fibreglass (GRP) boats much quicker and easier.”

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  • Class B AIS Transponder with NMEA 2000


    R8,400.00 ex VAT

    “An easy to install Class B AIS transponder with plug ‘n play NMEA 2000 interface. Built in GPS antenna and ideal for use on smaller yachts and boats like RIBs and center consoles.”

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  • SOTDMA Class B+ AIS transponder


    R11,200.00 ex VAT

    “The AIT2500 is a full function Class B+ SOTDMA AIS transponder with NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and USB data outputs. It is supplied with a GPS antenna.”

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  • Class B+ 5W AIS Transponder


    R15,400.00 ex VAT

    “The AIT5000 is a Class B+ AIS Transponder with a 5W power output, a Wi-Fi interface, a built-in VHF splitter and utilises SOTDMA format transmissions.”

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  • Class A AIS transponder


    R32,150.00 ex VAT

    “CLA2000 is the ultimate SOLAS and inland waterway globally approved Class A AIS transceiver. “

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  • CX4A is a marine commercial VHF antenna

    CX4A – Commercial VHF Antenna

    R2,800.00 ex VAT

    “CX4A is a powerful AIS Tuned commercial VHF Antenna that will give you maximum AIS range and supplied with a SO239 antenna connector.”

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    R2,250.00 ex VAT

    “Combination AIS/VHF and GPS antenna for Class B transponders which makes for a super quick and high performance installation.”

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  • VHF Heliflex Antenna tuned to AIS frequencies

    HA156 – VHF Heliflex Antenna

    R1,550.00 ex VAT

    “HA156 is a 6inch VHF heliflex antenna, this is specifically tuned to AIS (162MHz) frequencies for optimal performance.”

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