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10m Cables for 4G/5G Xtream


4G Xtream & 5G Xtream are supplied as standard with two 7M LMR200 cable assemblies.  This kit includes two 10m (33ft) minimal loss LMR400 cables

20m Cables for 4G/5G Xtream


“This kit includes two  20m (66ft) minimal loss LMR400 cables for the 4G Xtream & 5G Xtream that allow you to place your antennas higher.”

4G Xtream


“4GXtream is our latest, premium LTE internet access product. It offers fast connectivity at up to 300 MBs and has a built in dual band wifi router, dual SIM slots, built in GPS as well as an NMEA 2000 interface.”